2019 Agenda

0830 – Registration and Welcome Refreshments

0900 – Opening Notes and Introduction by Conference Chair

0915 – Insight Interview with a Leader in Business Transformation – Charting the Innovation Roadmap
In conversation with: TBC

1000 - 1100:

Session 1

- The Connectivity Evolution

Cloud, IoT, big data, remote monitoring…. Digitalisation is moving at a fast pace. The ever-growing use of on-board applications and increased data flows in shipping means that reliable data communications and platforms are even more critical.

This opening session of the day will look at how evolution in connectivity is changing the maritime and transport landscape by improving operational agility, enhancing efficiency, creating a safer, more secure environment and enabling greater efficiency. We will investigate innovations, define opportunities, evaluate best practices and learn from the best.

1100 – Tea/Coffee Break

1130 – Panel Discussion: The Maritime Satcom Summit Panel
The panel will discuss the opportunities and boundaries of maritime connectivity including most recent developments, case studies in other domains and challenges in connectivity for unmanned vessels. How can they support ship owners and managers to enhance operational agility and effectively manage costs?
Moderated by: Rob O’Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship

1230 – Lunch Break

Session 2

- Accelerating Change through Start & Scale-Ups

Shipping is still one of the most traditional industries, but the speed of change in the maritime sector is providing a real opportunity for new entrants to the market. We need fresh influence to accelerate much needed maritime transformation. We will investigate how we can benefit from start-ups, how we develop an innovative internal company culture, how we learn from other sectors and how we set-up and drive an innovation roadmap.

1330 – Accelerating Change through Start & Scale-Ups
- How to find, invest in and support the world’s leading ocean tech start-ups
- What to gain from new entrants to the market
- A taste of what is happening in the start-up world

This session will incorporate demos and a panel discussion aimed at investigating new technologies and entrants to the maritime market and reviewing what they can teach us about embracing the new digital era in shipping.

Session 3

- iShipping

A Focus on Trends, Talent & Technology

The rise of digitalisation and advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain autonomy, AI and VR, promise a faster, safer and more scalable supply chain for all parties and better business outcomes and increased supply chain transparency. What are the trends and benefits? How do we define digital competence and harness talents?

These massive opportunities mean massive complexities and security challenges too, so which are the right tools to use in this industrial revolution – and how can we use technology to keep our people and ships efficient and safe.

1430 – Panel Discussion: Safeguarding Cyber and Security in an Increasingly Automated World
- Incorporating cyber awareness into daily operations and procedures
- Building a consistent cyber security response plan
- Developing cyber competence and skills

1515 – Tea/Coffee Break

1545 – Disruptive Innovation – Benefitting from Connected and Collaborative Platforms

1605 – Transforming Business through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1630 – Closing Session: The CIO Panel – Transitioning to a Digital Future
This panel will bring together leading maritime and transport CIOs, to look at how they are approaching digitalisation in their sector. The panel will ask 3 core questions:
- What are the core components for digital transformation?
- How can digital change and innovation be achieved in a more traditional environment such as maritime? What are the main obstacles to this journey?
- What does this “digital journey” look like in 5 years from now? What have we achieved and, most importantly, where have we failed?
Moderated by: Cathy Hodge, Director, Digital Ship

1715 – Conference Conclusions Followed by Drinks & Networking Reception

**Please note all topics and timings are TBC and subject to change