Shipping is waking up in a new age where digitalisation and the adoption of big data is re-shaping the world and creating even more opportunity for development and innovation. Revolutionary concepts plus the evolution and advancement of existing platforms are providing unparalleled growth opportunities for shipping and related transport and supply chain infrastructure. But achieving digital success requires knowledge and understanding, and an ability to drive your company's digital thinking and transformation rather than be driven by it.

Returning to Hamburg in April, we will investigate how we can use this growing digital infrastcuture and will debate what will stick and really make a difference. We will ask how we can identify the real digital legacy in front of us and truly re-define innovation in maritime and transport.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Neville Smith, Director, Mariner Communications
  • Stefan Meyer, Senior Sales Manager, Marlink
  • Ken Munro, Security Entrepreneur & Writer, Pen Test Partners
  • Oksana Näser, CIO, Rickmers Shipmanagement
  • Sue Terpilowski, President, WISTA UK, Chair, CILT Ports, Maritime & Waterways
  • Christof Schwaner, Director Communications & Digitalisation, VDR – Verband Deutscher Reeder
  • Capt. Marek Lipiec, Managing Director, DS Tankers GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Brian Aziz, Director Satcom Solutions, Thales
  • Rob O’Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship
  • Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst, Market Research, and Consulting, Northern Sky Research (NSR)
  • Barbara Bersani, Head of Sales ESMEA, Marlink
  • Wouter Deknopper, Vice President & General Manager, Maritime, Iridium
  • Gert-Jan Panken, VP of Sales, Merchant Marine, Inmarsat
  • Michael Carter, Sales Director EMEA - Network and Data Services, Telenor Satellite
  • Stephan Vetter, Vice President (Maritime Industries), KfW IPEX-Bank
  • Joe Apa, Vice President Maritime, Central, Northern Europe & US, Speedcast
  • Florent Rizzo, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
  • Alexander Duisberg, Partner, Bird & Bird
  • Martin Jarrold, Chief, International Programme Development, Co-Chair, Maritime SatCom Forum, GVF
  • Bridget Cosgrave, Managing Director, Every European Digital
  • Walter Hannemann, Product Manager, Dualog
  • Frank Rau, Sales Manager, Marlink
  • Blaz Anusic, Senior Sales Manager, Marlink
  • Dimitrios Chatzitzanos, Managing Director, Navarino Germany
  • Holger Ritter, Managing Partner, DRYNET GmbH
  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director, CSO Alliance
  • Dr. Stefan Wiech, Partner, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH

The Maritime Satcom Summit

Investigating the evolution of maritime mobility and connectivity

The growing reliance on applications and increased data flows – such as those used for maritime safety and protection, vessel tracking and performance measurement and analysis – means that the shipping sector requires ever more reliable data communications and connections, even in remote locations.

This opening session of the day will look at how innovation and evolution in maritime connectivity is changing the maritime landscape by improving operational agility, enhancing efficiency, creating a safer, more secure environment, and above all reducing costs for the ship owner and manager. We will also review the impact of capacity and pricing and what impact this transition will have on supplier and user alike.


Harnessing Cyber Resilience and Managing Risk

A look at maritime cyber security, safety and risk.

This session will look at how the industry is managing increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of cloud and IoT applications, number of devices used and larger ships but fewer crew. We will discuss current business cases, guidelines and policies already in place. We will look at how to identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk and how to assess the real business risks? We will investigate what GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means in relation to cyber security.


The iShipping Revolution

Redefining Digitalisation in Maritime

Cloud, IoT, big data, remote monitoring… Digitalisation is moving at a fast pace. Autonomous shipping is (perhaps?) not far away. So how can we harness digital innovation to make our own businesses smarter, safer and more sustainable? In this session, we will investigate key drivers for a successful implementation. We will review recent initiatives, such as Blockchain, and discuss how to apply these, what are the benefits and pitfalls? We will look across the maritime and transport sector and review initiatives and studies from other stakeholders and ask how transport stakeholders can work together.


Roundtable Discussion Groups

These roundtables are open to all participants (end users, suppliers, sponsors etc) and will take place simultaneously – all hosted by key partners and sponsors. Each table can host up to 10 participants, and delegates will be invited to sign up throughout the morning to the roundtable they wish to attend, via our interactive WebApp.

The content in these interactive Round Table sessions will be focused on solutions and business strategy and they will last for 1.15 hours in total, with the discussion itself lasting 40 minutes, followed by 35 minutes, for a short 5-minute summary from each table to the whole room.

A maximum of 6 Tables to be hosted, with topics covering:

  • Examining the True Business Impact of Maritime VSAT
  • Turning Big Data into Smart Data
  • Maritime Cyber Security and Resilience
  • The Business Case for Investment in Digitalisation
  • GDPR – Shedding Light on its Relevance to the Shipping Industry
  • Next generation port community systems

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